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About our school

Fairvale Public School was established in 1956. The school is one of four public schools serving the inner area of Fairfield City.

The school is situated within a residential area and the majority of the children attending are within walking distance of the school.

The school's mission statement developed by the school community in 1990 reflects the continuing commitment by the school today in its belief that:
"Fairvale Public School community aims to provide its students and staff with a secure base from which to strive for the realisation of their full academic, creative and personal potential and to meet the demands of our changing society."

A front fence was erected this year with equal funding amounting to $35,000 from the Department of Education and Training and the Fairvale Parents and Citizens Association. Recently a grant of $17,500 has been received from Mount Pritchard and District Community Club to cover the half cost with the Department of Education and Training for the erection of the back fence, which should enhance the safety and security of the school.

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